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Tiger Photo Gallery - select photographer in right column

JV urges all photographers, professional or amateur, to make their tiger pictures speak, to share their tiger experiences through pictures! A majestic species is slipping to extinction. He has formed Tiger Photo Gallery and he is inviting all photographers who have visited Tiger Canyons or any Tiger Sanctuary, for that matter, to submit 6 of your most interesting pictures to Tiger Photo Gallery. Tell us what effect the tiger had on you, the influence, the inspiration. Give us ideas on how, together, we can use our pictures to create pressure. We have the ability to communicate globally. We have websites, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, cell phones and email at our disposal, let's use them! Remember to caption your pictures and send them to info@jvbigcats.co.za

Jade de Klerk - select photographer in right column

Walking along the canyon is one of the best places to take pictures with the cubs as they are always up to something. This particular day was extremely hot and the cubs swam in almost every pool we came across. I was lucky to get this shot just as she stepped into the water.


One cold morning in June, we went out to do some filming. The mist was so thick in places that you could hardly see 10m in front of you. After almost an hour it began to thin enough to take a few pictures. The misty backdrop, with one of the planets most beautiful cats in the distance, makes you feel like you’re in a place of enchantment, where anything can happen.


 After a long walk with the cubs one afternoon we came over the top of the koppie where they spotted three reedbuck. The other two cubs ran off half-heartedly while Zaria, as always, showed her interest with caution and decided it was better to watch from a distance.


Late one afternoon I went out to check on the tigers, Shadow had a kill and I wanted to get some good shots of her feeding. She started calling the cubs to the kill, but they were lying about 150m away, reluctant to come any closer. Eventually two of the cubs crept closer and I was rewarded with this great sighting, and my first decent picture of the cubs.


Sitting with Shadow and watching how she interacts with her cubs is one of the most amazing experiences. This little cub is still getting used to the vehicles, and usually runs away at the sound. Today it let us watch it for almost an hour, It was incredible!!


 At the end of one of the walks there are some shallow rock pools where the tigers like to play. On this particular day while the two girls played in the marshy undergrowth, Sunda decided that his time was better spent fishing for crabs. He would roll over the rocks at the bottom of the pool, and when he felt something he would submerge his head completely to catch whatever it was. This picture was taken as he came up out the water. It is such a privilege to watch the process of learning, and the efficiency at which the tigers master these skills.


Tread lightly on the Earth

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Tiger Photo Gallery

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