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Tiger Photo Gallery - select photographer in right column

JV urges all photographers, professional or amateur, to make their tiger pictures speak, to share their tiger experiences through pictures! A majestic species is slipping to extinction. He has formed Tiger Photo Gallery and he is inviting all photographers who have visited Tiger Canyons or any Tiger Sanctuary, for that matter, to submit 6 of your most interesting pictures to Tiger Photo Gallery. Tell us what effect the tiger had on you, the influence, the inspiration. Give us ideas on how, together, we can use our pictures to create pressure. We have the ability to communicate globally. We have websites, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, cell phones and email at our disposal, let's use them! Remember to caption your pictures and send them to info@jvbigcats.co.za

Mary Beth & Bob Wheeler, San Francisco, USA - select photographer in right column

After looking again at my images and others' Gallery photos, we continue to feel humbled by the beauty and majesty, grace and power of these gorgeous creatures.   Both Londolozi and Tiger Canyons cemented in our minds the absolute requirement that we preserve all the wild cats and the need for man's careful, thoughtful management to achieve that end.  To us, there's no doubt that wild tigers can be successfully saved for all our future generations, but money, time, education, commitment and passion -- in no small amounts -- will be required.  Tiger Canyons can only be the kernel of the effort worldwide.  JV, you are the passionate pioneer and we so admire what you're doing at Tiger Canyon - as you and the Vartys have done and continue at Londolozi.  Thank you for your special, inner drive and thank you for your love of the tiger, the leopard…and all wild creatures.  We are all better for it.
We had just arrived at Tiger Canyons after the drive from Bloemfontein.  Night had fallen and we drove into the boma with JV, not knowing what to expect.  And there were Julie and her cubs, resting in the evening cool and patient with the nosey humans and their bright light! They took our breath away!
What a sweet and curious face – fearless despite the intrusion of vehicle and people!
A little night drama…….
To say Seato is magnificent is to do him an injustice! 
When Seato decides to take a rest on the bonnet of a vehicle, he makes quite an impression – literally!But it is also a chance to really understand his tremendous size! 
Oh, the joys of a cool drink and a bath in a muddy waterhole on a warm day!   
She knows she’s beautiful, I suspect! But if she thinks she’s hiding behind that bush…! 
Tiger eyes, whiskers, pink nose, stripes– how more beautiful can they be? 
This little cub was watching Julie and several siblings climbing all over Savannah’s head!  She joined the “party” not long after. 
The little white cub already knows how to pose for the camera, once again curious as he peeks from behind the leaves! 
But there was another cub under those branches… 
A good stretch and a yawn –another tough afternoon!
Shunda is a magnificent sight as he surveys the unexplored territory of his new boma. 
Shine, Queen of her new territory! 
Jumping from rock to rock - a great example of a tiger using her tail for balance. 
Shine followed Shunda into the pool, but as Shunda was getting out, Shine decided that she wanted him to stay! 
Breakfast in the reeds…. 

Tread lightly on the Earth

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Tiger Photo Gallery

37. Karl and Jeanne Laepple
36. Hilton Treves
35. Melissa Theil
34. Bernhard von Mühlenen
33. Patrick Drayton
32. Steve Wieczor
31. Karine Gay
30. Sanjay Pratap
29. Kate Groch
28. Johan Barnard
27. Bridgena Barnard
26. Susanne Baden
25. Paul Stephens
24. Patsy Flynn
23. Zelda Connock
22. Cassandra
21. Madeleine Smelt
20. Monique Smelt-Kranendijk
19. Dudley Steenkamp
18. Mary Beth & Bob Wheeler
17. Niladri Sarkar
16. Elsa Young
15. Ellen Joseph
14. Deborah Warrick
13. Siva Baskaran
12. Tao Varty
11. Sean Varty
10. Jade de Klerk
9. Dean Polley
8. Joachim Knoethig
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6. Thais Racy
5. John & Marietjie Read
4. Lorna Drew
3. Steve Smith
2. Tertia & Dennis Smit
1. Sunette Fourie