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Tiger Photo Gallery - select photographer in right column

JV urges all photographers, professional or amateur, to make their tiger pictures speak, to share their tiger experiences through pictures! A majestic species is slipping to extinction. He has formed Tiger Photo Gallery and he is inviting all photographers who have visited Tiger Canyons or any Tiger Sanctuary, for that matter, to submit 6 of your most interesting pictures to Tiger Photo Gallery. Tell us what effect the tiger had on you, the influence, the inspiration. Give us ideas on how, together, we can use our pictures to create pressure. We have the ability to communicate globally. We have websites, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, cell phones and email at our disposal, let's use them! Remember to caption your pictures and send them to info@jvbigcats.co.za

Steve Wieczor
- select photographer in right column

Dear Mr. John Varty; Hello from The National Tiger Sanctuary in Branson Missouri, USA. I so admire your work and the efforts and sacrifices you have made on behalf of the tiger.I

I volunteered at The National Tiger Sanctuary and started building enclosures and grounds keeping. I finally graduated to tour guide and now I write a weekly newsletter that my readers find entertaining and informing. My job here is to highlight tigers and energize people to start  thinking about the future of this beautiful creature. Here are my six pictures that I took and hope you like them; 

You have your Julie and I have my Dee. Dee is a 10 1/2 year old Tigress and just loves men. I know if I were a tiger guy she would be the one for me;

Here she is in her pool;

Isnít she beautiful?

As I tour with the guests they learn all about tigers. Here is a shot of a one-in-a-million that clearly shows the Jacobson organ, which most people never see; 

Tina the talking tiger provided me with this shot as she gave a big yawn.

This is Max, he and I play games for the guests; 


He stalks me as I walk around and waits for me behind his pool. This is perfect for illustrating how tigers wait and ambush prey. The guests walk down the path and look at Max and he pays no attention to them, only me as I slowly approach for the kill. Once I pass he jumps up and roars and attacks me. They are thrilled and the situation allows me to talk about all kinds of tiger facts;

We have 2 white tigers, Richard and TJ. Both have such different appearances as you can see; 


Richard on the left would kill you for sport while TJ on the right is posing as a plush toy. I canít do the work you do, but in my own way Iím trying to help these cats live a good and stress free life.

Your work is inspiring to anyone who has tigers at heart. Poor little Runty, that broke my heart and I had to give extra love to my house cats. 

With all admiration and respect,

Tread lightly on the Earth

Copyright 2007 @jvbigcats  All rights reserved

Tiger Photo Gallery

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