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The happiest day of my life...

Nico Smit and Chrisone van Wyk from Paarl


Chrisone with Shunda

Nico with cubs

Chris and Nico

Julie on roof of Mahindra
Dear Sunette and JV

I saw the insert on Pasella on the tigers and I was determined to go. I have watched JV's DVD which I bought in Alaska a few times before, not knowing he was here in SA!

And Nico being the loving and most understanding person in the world, agreed to pay for everything and drop by the ranch before heading home again.
We arrived in Phillippolis on a beautiful winters day, at these romantic cottages and left our things to go to the ranch. It was quite easy to find and after a brief introduction to the tigers, we played with 3 of the cutest baby cubs! They were so soft and cuddly and STRONG! It felt so awesome to touch them and play with them. Then in the winter afternoon, we got onto the back of the landrover  to drive into the wild and explore the land for tigers. We were lucky to find Seatao and Julie in close proximity. And we had the amazing experience to see them in a 'mating mood' as Jules was in estrus.
JV had warned us beforehand that the tigers could 'mark' the vehicle, but we did not bargain that it would happen! And in a moment of being mesmerized and taking video clips and photos, we got soaked by this musky scent! Some might think how disgusting, but JV said that was a blessing. Little did I know what kind.... After we spend some time with the tigers, we set off in the sunset and it was getting cold. The ride in the bakkie was so rough at times, that we had to hold on for dear life, but we could not stop giggling and laughing about our excursion and how fun it was. The next moment, Nico gets up in the middle of our drive back to the house and goes on one knee in the back of the bakkie. I thought he lost his balance, because of the rough ride! And then he asked me to do him the honor and promise him that I would marry him because he loves me! I was so shocked that I just giggled non-stop. I never expected it!!!! And I said yes!
Nico said that he could not think of a more romantic time and setting than the tiger ranch, and I agree!!!!! What a wonderful story to tell my children one day. We would not have had it any other way.
And so we thank you and JV for your hospitality and for what you have done for nature conservation. We wish we could do more to help, but we promise to promote you and the ranch and to fight in any way we can for the future of the tigers.
We wish you all the best and hope that you will prosper!
Nico Smit and Chrisone van Wyk

Tread lightly on the Earth

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Happiest day of my life
Chrisone & Nico

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